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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

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Choosing Garage Door Style and More

05/09/2014 Back To Blog

The choice of garage door is extremely important since this fixture will determine not only the security of your house but the way in which the building looks as well. You will definitely benefit from some practical advice on how to pick the ideal model for you. Keep in mind that garage door prices are not the only factors, which you have to base your choice on.

Style, Design and Material

There are four main styles which you can select from. The traditional doors have two panels with each one swinging to a particular side. They are classy and look quite attractive. They are typically made from wood, but some more modern models can be made from fiberglass or a similar material, which requires less garage door maintenance.

The carriage doors work in the same way as their traditional counterparts. There are several differences, however. These models have top windows. They are traditionally made from very thick wood and this makes them quite heavy. One interesting thing to note is that many modern models mimic the traditional carriage style. They look as if there are two panels which open on the side, but there is actually only one panel which is lifted up or down. Such models are typically equipped with electric operators.

The raised panel style is the most popular at present. The door consists of a single panel which is lifted up or pushed down for opening and to closing respectively. It can be operated manually or with the help of a garage door opener. This style is compatible with various types of materials including wood, fiberglass and sheet metal.

The models which have a modern or contemporary style have glass panels. Most often the panels are frosted or tinted, but they can be clear as well. In general, glass garage doors are super trendy. They are perfectly weather resistant as well. They are prone to breaking, however.

You can now select a door which matches your technical and aesthetic requirements.

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